The Wonder Stuff’s Circlesquare was selected by comedian Greg Davies and played on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs programme.

Mr Davies is a sensitive soul – he’d really listened to the lyrics, quoting:

“I’ve been a long term disappointment to myself
But it hits like a hammer when I’m that to someone else”

I shouldn’t be surprised that Desert Island Discs guests carry the music of their youth with them – but it’s still a bit weird to hear The Wonder Stuff on the programme.

It’s an evocative song for me. When I heard it, I was transported back to being a teenager – made me recall scenes and snapshots, even the smell of Autumn air from that time. The weight of the Hup cassette in my hand.

Like a type of time travel.


Anyway, Greg Davies was not the first person to select The Wonder Stuff for their Desert Island Discs. In 2023, entrepreneur Greg Jackson chose Dizzy – performed by Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff.

But Dizzy was a hit, which bars its champions from admission to the sensitive souls club. Better luck next time, Mr Jackson.

Mr Davies, your membership card is in the post.

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