This post is an excuse to share Let’s Wrestle’s I won’t lie to you.

Let's Wrestle band

I’m still sorting out years of notes and hard drives. Which brought me to my photos of Superchunk at the Scala, December 2011. Years on, I can’t remember if I heard ‘I won’t lie to you’ when Let’s Wrestle supported them. I surely must have.

Anyway. It’s a song that’s stayed with me, and that’s important. So I’m going to note it down here.

Let’s Wrestle split up in 2015.

In 2023, some cursory Googling reveals…

Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (vocals and guitar) is still performing. He’s currently on tour.

Mike Lightning (bass). Mr Hankin is an associate lecturer, BA Product and Industrial Design.

Louis Scase A.K.A Darkus Bishop (drums). Artist. Painting and installing exhibitions.

Please forgive any errors and thank you for the music.

And: Ben Ransley, director of the perfect ‘I won’t lie to you’ video now works as a lighting designer (probably).

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In 2011, I was listening to Mower by Superchunk. And I’ve just realised that both the ‘I won’t lie to you’ video and the ‘Mower’ video are set inside sheds.

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