Photos of Robert Kennedy’s funeral train amaze reviewer Phill Huxley at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Photo by Paul Fusco

Photo by Paul Fusco

Describing their Snapshots Cast Their Spell exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography says: “The snapshot seizes the moment, grasping the depths of the human heart, the subtlest of feelings, even the ambience of the setting. The snapshot style is unique to photography and unattainable in other media. The many artists who have noticed its fascination have, through the snapshot, snatched scenes of human life in all their variety.”

Phill Huxley says: “By far my favourite is a section by Paul Fusco called RFK Funeral Train. It features pictures taken from the train containing Bobby Kennedy’s coffin in New York in 1968. The pictures are stunning, you see the faces of groups of people as the train passes through their neighbourhood and past their homes, cheering, crying, shocked, passive. It’s an amazing piece.”

Exhibition: Snapshots Cast Their Spell
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Dates: From December 11 2010 until February 6 2011.
Address: 〒153-0062 Yebisu Garden Place, 1-13-3 Mita Meguro-ku Tokyo.

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