Secret Cinema has returned with an event that’s dividing opinion. Here’s a deliberately vague review of the performance held on 20th April in a large London venue.

A member of the Secret Cinema audience. Tell no one.

A member of the Secret Cinema audience. Tell no one.

Tonight’s Secret Cinema event revolved around a serious film.

But as it’s a secret, I’m not going to reveal the name of the movie shown. Return to this page on the 8th May, when this run of performances finishes, and I’ll fill you in with the details and photos. Click for details and photos.

Over at Secret Cinema’s Facebook page there’s a mixed audience reaction to their theatre and movie event for April and May 2011.

I think that’s because it wasn’t a typical ‘date’ movie. I, like many other Secret Cinema go-ers were maybe a little suprised that it was chosen over something more obviously accessible. It was not what I was expecting.

But then, while watching the film, I realised that the live-theatre experience and the building’s elaborate sets had enhanced my enjoyment of the movie.

Tonight’s Secret Cinema succeeded because of its serious tone. It was an engaging evening that made me think.

If you can afford the tickets, you should try and attend.

Ticket details
This run of perfomances continues at a London venue until May 8th 2011.

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Details and photo from this event


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