At the Lido

At the Lido

The history of London Fields
Lido was celebrated on the 9th January 2010. There was dancing, magic and music in freezing weather.

The first Lido Love event at London Fields Lido was held in the snow on Saturday night, 9th January 2010. Produced and curated by Adriana Marques and Gillian Fox, the event celebrated the Lido and the community action that’s ensured that the outdoor swimming pool is still standing and thriving in 2010. All tickets sold-out.

Entertainment included: Performance prancing by H Plewis, magic from Ian Saville, Egyptian fire dancing by La Horrox and guitar music from Ron McElroy and Les Bell. DJ Lion Man played some tunes and a Tracey Emin film was projected onto the wall of the men’s changing room.

London Fields Lido

First opened in 1932, the London Fields Lido was enjoyed by swimmers until 1988 – when it was closed by funding cuts. But local people did not forget it, they organised themselves and stopped the site becoming derelict.

In the 18 years before the pool reopened in 2006, the Lido hosted screenings, discussions, community events and even served as a home for squatters.

It reopened after being rebuilt to modern standards. The pool water is heated to 25°C, and there’s now disabled access.

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