Pepi Ginsberg

Pepi Ginsberg

Waterline is a song from Pepi Ginsberg’s third collection of tracks – Red. Listen to it below and follow the links to download the .mp3. 

Pepi told NPR that the song: “was just a composite of things that were brewing in my head as I walked around [Philadelphia].
“It’s a really city-centric song, feeling an affinity for St. Mark’s church, I’d walk by there and some girl (was) tripping on some kind of acid jaunt outside there with her hands held up. She was on a whole other level and I don’t know what she was doing. It’s a little bit of an adventure story. It’s not necessarily about water but the idea that things could be overwhelming, but you’re going to feel the pull of it whether you’re drowning or staying afloat.”

Below is the video to Pepi Ginsberg’s Waterline song:

This page was published 12 July 2010.


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